Now or Never – Friedrichshafen Film Festival / Competition for the ZF Short-Film Award

The Film Festival in Friedrichshafen features short and documentary films by young film-makers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It offers visitors of all age groups a wide choice of short and documentary films. NOW OR NEVER is the motto under which many award-winning films well worth seeing are screened at the Festival.

The fact that many of the young film-makers are in attendance is what makes the Friedrichshafen Film Festival so attractive, offering as it does countless opportunities for an exchange of views, for instance through the audience discussions hosted by a moderator.

The Short Film genre has been a firm fixture of the Friedrichshafen Film Festival from the outset; indeed, the short-film competition Kurz und Gut is one of the highlights of the Festival.

The ZF Art Foundation has been supporting the short-film competition for many years now, with an Audience Award (1,000 euros) and, since 2021, the ZF Short-Film Award (15,000 euros), adjudged by a jury of experts. The prize money of 15,000 euros is intended to go towards a new short-film productions.

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