Friedrichshafen Film Festival – Now or Never / ZF Short-Film Award 2024

This year again, the Film Festival organised by the Friedrichshafen Cultural Office will feature award-winning short films and documentaries by young film-makers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are well worth seeing.

The Festival’s selection jury has compiled an exciting programme featuring many topical references. Once again, there are cinematic gems to discover, from short, animated films to powerful short documentaries to thirty-minute dramas, covering a broad spectrum of topics and film genres.

Screened at the film festival are entertaining, high-quality and socially relevant films. After the screenings, audiences have the opportunity to enjoy panel discussions with the film-makers in attendance, hosted by a moderator.

Competition for the 2024 ZF Short-Film Award

The Festival highlight is the competition for the ZF Short-Film Award worth EUR 15,000 and the ZF Art Foundation Audience Award worth EUR 1,000.

The grand finale of the thrilling Kurz und Gut competition is the presentation of both prizes by Matthias Lenz, Chairman, ZF Art Foundation on Saturday, March 2, at around 10.30 pm, Kiesel im k42.

Test screening of Jonis Rucksack by Paul Ploberger, 2023 winner

A very special and rare format this year is the test screening of Jonis Rucksack, the working title of Paul Ploberger’s new short-film production.

Last year, the Austrian director won the ZF Short Film Award with his short film Naked Men in the Woods. For the young film-maker, the prize money of 15,000 euros provided the incentive to make a new short-film, with the working title Jonis Rucksack. And while the film has not yet been completed, audiences at the Friedrichshafen Film Festival have the opportunity to preview it at a test screening. This very special and rare format offers audiences an insight into Ploberger’s creative process. The film-maker hopes to gain valuable feedback during the live broadcast that follows the screening and be able to share his first impressions with the audience.

Jonis Rucksack is about Lena, a young woman whose boyfriend Joni dies while travelling in Georgia. She travels to that country and finds out that Joni may have committed suicide. In disbelief, Lena decides to reconstruct Joni’s last few days in Georgia. During this process, she makes the acquaintance of art student Nana and learns that she and Joni shared a secret.

Test screening of Jonis Rucksack by Paul Ploberger, winner of the ZF Short Film Award 2023, on Friday, March 1, at 6.30 pm. Admission is free! Due to the limited number of seats available at the Kiesel venue, ticket reservations for the test screening are required.

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Programme for the 2024 Friedrichshafen Film Festival
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Competition contributions

Black Savior
from Johannes Krug and Kwaku Ankomah

from Moritz Hoffmann

The Last Bar
from Arne Hain

from Carina Weckmüller

Don’t Ask Me Anything
from Aliyah Patillo

to the films


from Elisabeth Kratzer

from Anne Isensee

from Élodie

Stray Flower
from Nandi Nastasja

to the films


Lange lebe der Fischfriedhof
from Elsa van Damke

Tell Me Something Nice
from Amina Krami and Nola Anwar

fromMaja Bresink

In the Upper Room
fromAlexander Gratzer

to the films


– Johannes Bachmann, film-maker and author
– Adrian Kutter, cinema-maker, Founder Biberacher Filmfestspiele and Kinomuseum Baden-Württemberg
– Regina Michel, Executive Manager and Curator, ZF Art Foundation
– Helga Reichert, Director, Oberschwaben Film Festival and Göppingen Filmklang Festival


Thursday, 29 February 2024
6 pm: Le Six film concert, Arcis Saxophone Quartet and percussionist Christian Benning, EUR 12, concessions EUR 8.50
7.15 pm: Sparkling wine reception and official opening with Mayor Andreas Hein
8.15 pm: Opening film KASH KASH, discussion with producer Matthias Drescher

Friday, 1 March 2024
9 am to 10.30 am: Mitmalfilm (ages 4 to 9), children’s film workshop, rendezvous in the foyer
Free admission; please register through the Cultural Office

11 am: FILM AB! 4+, selected short films for children

6.30 pm: Jonis Rucksack (AT), test screening with Paul Ploberger, winner of the ZF Short Film Award 2023. Free admission; ticket reservations required.

8.15 pm: Special screening of Coming Home?
Short documentary Fata Morgana, discussion with Daood Alabdulaa
Short documentary Stille Wasser, discussion with Kevin Koch

10.15 pm: Documentary einhundertundvier, discussion with Jonathan Schörnig

Saturday, 2 March 2024

11 am to 4 pm: Mitmalfilm, open film workshop at Foyer Medienhaus, free admission

2 pm: FILM AB! 4+, selected short films for children
3 pm: FILM AB! 8+, selected short films for children

Competition for the ZF Short-Film Award / Award Ceremony
4.15 pm: Kurz & Gut 1, Short-film block competition 1
6.15 pm: Kurz & Gut 2, Short-film block competition 2
8.15 pm: Kurz & Gut 3, Short-film block competition 3

Around 10.30 pm: award ceremony for the ZF Short-Film Award 2024 / Audience Award of the ZF Art Foundation
Matthias Lenz, Chairman, ZF Art Foundation

Around 11 pm: After-show party at Restaurant Felders

Sunday, 3 March 2024
11 am: Documentary She Chef, discussion with director Melanie Liebheit
2 pm: Documentary An Hour from the Middle of Nowhere, discussion with sound designer Freddy Tesler
4.15 pm: Documentary Sick Girls, discussion with producer Luna Stelle and protagonist Sarah
6.15 pm: Documentary Fitness California – Wie man die extra Meile geht, talk with director Nadine Zacharias

Monday, 4 March 2024
10 am: FILM AB! 8+, selected short films for children

Ticket prices

Single ticket: EUR 8, concessions EUR 6

Children’s programmes: EUR 4 each

Short-film pass: EUR 14, concessions EUR 9.50 (valid for all 3 programmes)

Festival ticket: EUR 26, concessions 18 (valid for all films on all days)
For organisational reasons, festival ticket holders are only guaranteed a seat if they arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the screening.

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