ZF Short Film Award 2021

The ZF Art Foundation was founded in 1990 to mark the 75th anniversary of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The idea was to purposefully transform the social engagement of ZF for art and culture into a foundation to facilitate long-lasting and on-going cultural sponsorship in the Lake Constance region. The purpose of the Foundation is sponsorship of the arts and culture, in particular of contemporary art. By doing so the ZF Art Foundation makes a contribution to a lively cultural life in the region. The current sponsorship concept comprises, in addition to the ZF residential scholarship for artists in the visual arts, the ZF Music Prize (in conjunction with the Young Masters Pianist Festival) and the ZF Short Film Award (in conjunction with Friedrichshafen Film Days). Beside sponsorship, the main emphasis is to facilitate the encounter of the public with art and culture, and the artists themselves.

The Friedrichshafen Film Days offer visitors of all ages a varied choice of short and documentary films, as well as the opportunity of contact with young film makers whom the ZF Art Foundation would like to specifically support with the ZF Short Film Award for the best short film and the public prize. The sponsorship sum of the ZF Short Film Award amounting to 15,000 € was set with the intention of enabling the production of a new short film.

Competition contributions

Der Film vom Propellermann
from Johannes Bachmann
Switzerland 2020

Just in Case
from Céline Ahlbrecht, 
Insa Meyer,
 Alina Saltheim
Germany 2021

from Moritz Müller-Preißer
Germany 2020

from Greta Benkelmann
Germany 2019

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Have a Nice Dog!
from Jalal Maghout
Germany 2020

Masel Tov Cocktail
from Arkadij Khaet,
Mickey Paatzsch
Germany 2020

from Raphaela Schmid
Austria 2020

von Fabienne Prieß,
Levin Tamoj
Germany 2020

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Trading Happiness
from Duc Ngo Ngoc
Germany 2020

Just a Guy
from Shoko Hara
Germany 2020

This will be my last Cigarette
from Alma Buddecke,
Joascha Bongard
Germany 2021

from Marc Philip Ginolas
Germany 2020

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Thursday, 23rd September 2021
7:00 pm: Opening with Mayer Andreas Köster (Live on Vimeo)
7:30 pm: Programme start Short Film-Programme & Online-Voting for the Public Award

Kurz & Gut 1
Kurz & Gut 2
Kurz & Gut 3

Friday, 24th September 2021
from 11:00 am: Moderated talks with filmmakers via Zoom – To register

Saturday, 25th September 2021
from 10:00 am: Moderated talks with filmmakers via Zoom – Registration is required!
8:00 pm: End Online voting
9:00 pm: Award ceremony – Live stream from the Kiesel at k42