ZF Music Award 2022

In 2022 the ZF Art Foundation is awarding for the 10th time the ZF Music Award. The prize honors the outstanding performance of highly talented pianists of the young generation. Six pianists will be chosen from participants in the International Young Masters Pianist Festival, among others. In three competition concerts a three-person international jury will determine the award winners of the ZF Music Award. The piano competition for the ZF Music Award 2022 held in public will be organised under the artistic direction of Peter Vogel, as in previous years.

The ZF Art Foundation and Peter Vogel have now been working together for 24 years to establish exceptional music projects in the Lake Constance region. So the ZF Music Award and the International Young Masters Pianist Festival not only enrich the musical offering of the region, but also enable the public to continue to get all kinds of new insights into the world of music. 

The winner receives 10,000 €. Second place is awarded 5,000 €. Third place receives a cash prize of 3,000 €. A further highlight of the ZF Music Award: At every concert listeners can choose their personal favorite and award one with a 500 € public prize. Beside the repertoires that give every concert its own quite specific attraction, the public prize makes the piano competition a particularly exciting musical event.


1st Prize Xiaolu Zang
2st Prize Yeon-Min Park